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All services are available to Amazon employees (and their family members) at a 20% discount.

One-on-One Coaching

An individualized program will be created to address your personal goals. Programs include workout analysis, efficiency training, race nutrition analysis, race pacing plans, annualized season periodization and daily workouts. Your workout schedule will be disseminated and training data will be collected using Training Peaks. There is unlimited analysis by and interaction with the coach; this is perfect for the athlete who likes feedback and/or needs flexibility. Athletes may be training to gain fitness or have a goal race in mind, anything from 5k to ultramarathon, sprint triathlon to Ironman. Due to the in-depth process of onboarding new clients and in the interest of seeing real results/improvement, athletes who sign up for one-on-one coaching must commit to three months, but can cancel any time thereafter.

Private Lessons

The coach will videotape your swim, bike, or run; analyze your form; and discuss any weaknesses she may see. The coach will provide drills that will address these issues and follow-up after the private lesson is over with some next steps that will help you improve your form/technique well into the future.

Questions? Email coachroohi@gmail.com

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One-on-One Triathlon Coaching: $190/month
Amazon Employees: $152
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One-on-One Run Coaching: $125/month
Amazon Employees: $100
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Private Lesson: $60/hour
Amazon Employees: $48
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