Monterrey 70.3 Race Recap

On Sunday, March 15th, I competed in Ironman Monterrey 70.3 against a stellar field. The weather made the race interesting and it was a great season opener. Here’ s the rundown…

Swim – 30:27

Swim Monterrey
The Good: Who doesn’t want to swim in a chlorinated man-made canal? Clear water that is only a few feet deep, it’s like you never left the pool.
The Bad: Did I mention the canal winds through a park, restaurants and local businesses? Picking and swimming a straight line is very, very hard.
The Bottom Line: The air temperatures leading up the the race were in the 50s, so the water was COLD, but the experience was cool!

Bike – 2:24:26

Bike Monterrey
The Good: Life is a highway on this course. 99% of the bike was on wide open road. Beautiful black asphalt for miles!
The Bad: The other 1% was on cobblestone. You see that little loop running North/South on the right? Cobblestone. Slippery, wet and jarring cobblestone.
The Bottom Line: It felt great to get outside and open up the legs in Monterrey.  The freedom you feel for most of the ride overshadows the scary cobblestone… Mostly.

Run – 1:31:59

Run Monterrey
The Good: A two loop 13.1 mile course can get pretty repetitive, but not in Monterrey! You run along the water and then take a tour of the city’s biggest park. There’s lots to look at and it’s easy to break up this run mentally.
The Bad: It rained a LOT on race day. The result? This run course, which almost felt like an obstacle course at times, was very slick. It’s hard to find a groove when you can’t find your footing.
The Bottom Line: Had it not rained this would probably be a super fun course!

I had a great time in Monterrey shaking off the cobwebs.  I am looking forward to my next race!!! Thank you to all of my incredible sponsors:  Maverick Multisport, Argon 18, ENVE Composites, Cobb Cycling, Blueseventy, Sugoi, Jaybird, Catlike Helmets,  VO2 Multisport, Rotor Bike Components, Occupational Kinetics, Swiftwick Socks, Infinit Nutrition, BSX Insight, and Primal Sport Mud!

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