Back to Reality: My 5 Biggest Time Savers

Labor Day is just around the corner and in Virginia that means students will soon be returning to school. Luckily I have a “pre-school” week to get things in order ahead of their arrival, but my schedule has definitely reverted back to “teacher work-mode”. So how does one fit in 20 to 30 hours of training a week with a full-time gig? It takes a little work… I certainly haven’t mastered the art of juggling a job and heavy triathlon training, but below are five tips that have helped me stay sane thus far. Enjoy!

  1. Prepare your breakfast and plan your lunch ahead of time. When I get home in the evening the first thing I do is cook egg whites for the next day’s breakfast and pack my lunch. That way when the alarm goes off at 4:30am I’m not fumbling around and wasting time before my morning training session. Lunch
  2. Lay out your clothes. I don’t think very clearly early in the morning, so to save time I plan out a whole week’s worth of outfits on Sunday night. The benefits are twofold… I’m not going to show up to work in a horribly mismatched get-up because I was too bleary eyed to put something together and I save time daily by planning my wardrobe just once. Bonus!Clothes
  3. Look ahead in your training schedule. Sometimes it’s nice not knowing the hard sets that await you during this bike interval session or that track workout, but looking ahead in my schedule helps me map out my week. If I know I have to fit in all of my workouts AND I have an after school meeting on Monday and parent teacher conferences on Thursday I can shift workouts around to fit everything in. I wouldn’t want to miss an important session just because I didn’t plan Schedule
  4. Keep your gear with you. I lived in New York City for nine years and I loved every second of it. My only complaint? As a triathlete moving my gear from borough to borough (I worked in Manhattan and lived in Brooklyn) became very tedious. Now that I live in Virginia, I have a car and I can keep swim/bike/run gear with me at all times. Plans change and it’s important to utilize every available moment. Keeping my training stuff with me helps me to do just that.Gear
  5. Multi-task! Well, sorta… I often find that I don’t have time for things that I love like reading and catching up on radio/TV programs during periods of heavy training. My solution? While cross-training or during easy recovery treadmill runs I’ll read a chapter or two of a novel or an article I’ve saved online. (These workouts are also the perfect time to listen to podcasts and you can do your mobility work while catching up on TV and movies.)Books

Happy training!

(And don’t forget to save!)

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