Sweet Sixteen!

“Every day starts with the tick of a clock. All escapes start with the click of a lock!”

I am so looking forward to new partnerships and new relationships in 2016. And of course I cherish all of friends, family, and sponsors who show their support every day. Sweet, sweet, 2016, I am ready for ya!

Here are a few of the NEW developments in my world… Stay tuned for more!

Web pic #1

I just co-founded a new company called TenTen Coaching! (Check us out at http://www.TenTenCoaching.com)


This year, I’ll be riding a NEW bike from CEEPO!!! (I am super excited about their triathlon-specific geometry!)

Web pic Infinit

In 2016, I will again represent Infinit Nutrition, the BEST sports nutrition company around. (To INFINIT-y and beyond!)

Web pic cobb

No one, and, I mean, no one, knows more about saddles than John Cobb. I am THRILLED to be representing Cobb Cycling again in 2016.

Web Rudy project

Fancy, right? But also, so so FAST!!! I am incredibly honored to be wearing RUDY Project in 2016.

Web Mac's Smack

Mac’s Smack is a company based in Virginia that makes the MOST incredible natural products. I am so proud to be one of their 2016 ambassadors!

Thanks for checking in! More updates SOON!!!

Here’s to 2016!

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