Chattanooga 70.3

Chattanooga 70.3 was my first big race back since having Kian and it did not disappoint! My personal photographer had his hands full on race day, but all the good stuff is here! Here’s my race recap in pictures… Enjoy!


CHEEEEKS! We had an early flight from Seattle to Chattanooga on Friday. Luckily this guy travels like a champ! When we got to town we headed over to our wonderful homestay in Signal Mountain and enjoyed the company of new friends. Before the night was over I threw in a little shakeout run and we built my bike.


After the pro meeting on Saturday, the Roohis hit the expo, and, boy, were we lucky… Infinit Nutrition had a booth at the expo!!! Kian is already showing his intelligence by choosing the best sports nutrition products on the market and I got to meet some of the wonderful folks at Infinit, like Emily, whom I regularly badger with questions via email.


Race morning came quickly! (The 3:30am wake-up felt a little like a 12:30am wake-up.) The trip to town went smoothly as did the set up in transition and before I knew it, it was time to make the mile walk to the swim start. When we got there, we ran into my aunt and Infinit teammate, Kate McIntosh, who lives and trains in Savannah. I don’t always have the opportunity to see, let alone, race with friends and family from the East Coast, so this 70.3 felt very special.


And we’re off! (Could a swim be more beautiful?!) The swim wasn’t wetsuit legal for the pros (bummer) but the swim was in a river… with a current. πŸ™‚ I managed to pull out a pretty strong swim (for me), leading a pack of 3 to a split that left us only 2-3 minutes in the hole to some of the big dogs. Coming out with other people on the swim makes a world of difference on the bike. And oh what a bike! I absolutely love love LOVE this course! I got passed and did some passing of my own, but managed to hang tough and turn in a 2:28 split.


Then came the run. Ouch. After having Kian my run was the hardest thing to get back. I wanted to jump right back into training when I got the okay from the doctor, but I was cautious with running. For the longest time things didn’t feel “right”. I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what was bothering me and I grew frustrated not being able to build up run volume like I had in the past. Luckily a few months ago, after months and months of research and trial and error, I found some strength exercises that have changed everything for the better! The result? Running feels good again. And here I am. In Chattanooga. Running. πŸ™‚


My first lap on the run course felt pretty darn good. And then the heat started to take a toll. Everyone talks about the rain in Seattle (honestly it’s not that bad). What they don’t talk about is the summers. The summers are BEAUTIFUL! And sunny! But not humid. πŸ™‚ This East Coast – now West Coast – girl was not ready for the soupiness of Chatty. But it did feel good to just be out there. (Here I am ecstatic to see the finish line.)


Did I mention it was hot?


I ended up tenth overall. I’m content with my first race of 2018, but DEFINITELY not satisfied. There is lots of room for improvement and I can’t wait to toe the line again!


Kate absolutely KILLED it and having my uncle, John, there was just amazing. (There’s never enough time with family.) Also see that lady on the left? PERFECT illustration of finish line feels.


What a beautiful place. I wavered on the decision to do Chattanooga, but I am so so glad I came. Great friends, great family, great race, great place.


And I leave you as I started… with cheeks. Does anything else really matter? So happy to be back racing, especially when these guys are waiting at the finish line.

Many many thanks to all of my sponsors and training partners. And a special shout out to Cyrus who takes on Mr. Mom duties every morning so I can get up and train before he heads off to work. There is no “I” in team, but there might be a “Cy”. πŸ˜‰

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