In early September I competed in Ironman Wisconsin. It was my first venture to the cheese state and she did not disappoint. Great food, great people and a great (but HARD) course made for an unforgettable day. Here is my race report in pictures. Enjoy!


The Capitol building before sunrise on race morning…


Transition took up an entire level of a parking deck and it was hopping in the predawn hours.


Water temperatures were in the low 70s while air temperatures were in the 50s. that makes for one cold warm up swim!


And I’m off!


After exiting the water we had to run UP a helix just like this, go into transition, get our bikes and then ride back down. Twisty, turny, fun!


This was the one flat section of road on the course. Just kidding! But the hills on the bike ride were no joke!


Coming into T2 and happy to be off the bike after a few mechanical issues.


Let the run begin! The first lap felt pretty awesome and then I lost some mojo… But I finished on the podium in 10th!


Many, many thanks to my coaches and all of my sponsors (TenTen Coaching, CEEPO, DriveTrain Sports, Cobb Cycling RUDY Project, POLAR, Mac’s Smack, and Infinit Nutrition) who made this possible! I can’t wait to do it again!!!

What a summer!!!

Summer break just ended and I thought I’d share a few pictures from my adventures! In early July I took a short break from training to explore the National Parks out West and the trip was absolutely breathtaking. Enjoy!


The calm before the storm… Adventure awaits!


First stop! Muir Woods outside of San Francisco… Gorgeous!


Next up? Yosemite! And the camping begins!


The start of the 16 miles hike up to Half Dome and back… Beautiful and challenging!


View from the top of Half Dome… It was a bit treacherous!


Idaho Falls!


The first of many short hikes around Yellowstone…


Did some say “Bison!!!”? They were everywhere. So neat!


Morning Glory in all her glory!


Next park? The Grand Tetons.


The reward for climbing an unmarked (and scary) “social” trail… Delta Lake!


First hike in Zion National Park: Angel’s Landing!


Permit required!!! Our last big hike required a few more skills and a lot more equipment.


First time canyoneers!


The reward? A beautiful section called “The Subway”.


Did I mention it was a little cold? I should’ve brought my wetsuit!


A Tale of Two Races…

On June 5, 2016, I competed in Raleigh 70.3. Exactly one week later, I toed the line at Eagleman 70.3. Below you can see how each day played out. It’s been three years since I have attempted a “Dirty Double” like this and the Tuesday after Raleigh I was nervous that my legs wouldn’t come around in time. But my first race didn’t go exactly as I had hoped and getting another crack at the distance a week later was just what the doctor ordered. (I’ve included pictures from both races after the timeline to help tell this double story.) Many, many thanks to my coaches and all of my sponsors (TenTen Coaching, CEEPO, DriveTrain Sports, Cobb Cycling RUDY Project, POLAR, Mac’s Smack, and Infinit Nutrition) who made this possible!


Raleigh 1

Shuttle bus to Jordan Lake for the start of Raleigh 70.3.

Raleigh 2

Beautiful morning for a swim!!!

Raleigh 3

Checking my baby into T1 at Jordan Lake. A bad storm rolled through the night before the race… I had to tuck her in carefully.

Raleigh 4

Haha! My face says it all. This run was HARD. Beautiful, but HARD!

Raleigh 5

“The TenTen Coaching Crew” after Raleigh 70.3

Eagleman 3

Eagleman!!! I’m back! Fun in the sun!!!

Eagleman 1

Oh, Choptank River… There was a little current to contend with…

Eagleman 2

Dismounting after a windy bike in Cambridge!

Eagleman 4

Ready for 13 miles of sun and heat!!!

Eagleman 5

Podium pic! 5th place PRO!

Eagleman 6

Many, many thanks to Jim Moriarty, the best homestay host a girl could ask for! Thank you!!!


Not so easy in the “Big Easy”…

On Sunday April 17th, I competed in New Orleans 70.3. It’s been about six months since my last race and I’ve done New Orleans before, so I thought it would be the perfect rust buster. It did not disappoint. Sustained winds around 23mph with gusts of up to 35mph, made every discipline “interesting”. I was panicky on the swim for the first time in a long time due to the chop; the headwind during the first 28 miles of the bike made for a scary and wobbly ride; and the wall of wind on the back half of the run was soul-crushing. The good news? The rust is busted! And all of my equipment this year ROCKS!!! I am so happy I had the chance to test drive it all in New Orleans and I cannot wait for the next opportunity to race! Here are a few pictures from the race… Enjoy!


Pre-race nutrition planning with Infinit Nutrition… (So serious!)


This beauty had some prime real estate in the hotel room. (I couldn’t let her sleep outside!)


The winds caused a delay, so there was plenty of time to catch up with friends in transition.


A few of the pro girls before the start. The calm before the storm…


This picture was taken by a local reporter. Dozens and dozens of people abandoned the race during the swim due to the scary chop.


Whew! I didn’t drown! Through T1…


And onto a VERY windy bike course…


The run!!! I couldn’t feel the wind… yet. 😦


Mr. Yellow and I went back and forth a few times…


Post-race: All smiles! My bike, saddle, watch, nutrition, and helmet were all INCREDIBLE!!! (Notice the flags in the background? The wind was still howling!)

Many thanks to: CEEPO, Drivetrain Sports, Cobb Cycling, RUDY Project, Infinit Nutrition, Mac’s Smack,  POLAR, and Lindsay Mock, one of the BEST race sherpas EVER!!!



“Short sentences drawn from long experience”

Confession: I love to read and I love, love, LOVE a good quote. I know, I know… That can be a little cheesy. But with the arrival of Spring and the start of a new tri season I thought I’d share three quotes that helped me tremendously the past few months.believe themI recently heard Taylor Swift preface one of her songs by talking about what happens when we lose somebody that used to be close to us. In her case, I am almost sure she was talking about a boy. But to hear her speak about losing this relationship was heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time. She suggested that instead of focusing on anger or heartache at the end of a relationship, why not focus on the good times you had, thank that person for all they’ve given you, and move on? If someone changes or you grow apart, let them go. There’s no need to waste valuable energy on anger and sadness. Recognize the change, appreciate the past, and move on.


Ever feel like you can’t win? Like every move you make has a GREATER and opposite reaction? Sometimes I fall into a very reactive mindset and all I’m playing is defense. The problem with that? All of my moves are predicated on someone else’s moves. The solution? Take stock of your goals and where you want to be, then find a way to get there. Forget your detractors, forget your competitors, and forget the devil on your shoulder. Follow your star and forge ahead making bold irreverent moves.

comparison is

As an athlete this one gets me every time. “What if I followed a schedule like his?” “I wish I could swim like her…” “It comes so easy to them.” The trouble with comparing results, schedules, or workouts is we are only looking at the end product, not the countless minutes, hours, weeks, months and years that went into making each and every individual we compare ourselves to unique and powerful. After comparing ourselves to others, we often come up with one variable that’ll change everything; “If I do this one thing differently, surely my results will improve!” We all know that rarely happens. Why not get off that spinning wheel of comparison and forge your own path? Put your blinders on, do what’s best for you, stick to your plan and EXECUTE it. Practice breeds confidence and confidence breeds success. If we could all just worry about ourselves, the world would be a lot more joyful.

Sweet Sixteen!

“Every day starts with the tick of a clock. All escapes start with the click of a lock!”

I am so looking forward to new partnerships and new relationships in 2016. And of course I cherish all of friends, family, and sponsors who show their support every day. Sweet, sweet, 2016, I am ready for ya!

Here are a few of the NEW developments in my world… Stay tuned for more!

Web pic #1

I just co-founded a new company called TenTen Coaching! (Check us out at


This year, I’ll be riding a NEW bike from CEEPO!!! (I am super excited about their triathlon-specific geometry!)

Web pic Infinit

In 2016, I will again represent Infinit Nutrition, the BEST sports nutrition company around. (To INFINIT-y and beyond!)

Web pic cobb

No one, and, I mean, no one, knows more about saddles than John Cobb. I am THRILLED to be representing Cobb Cycling again in 2016.

Web Rudy project

Fancy, right? But also, so so FAST!!! I am incredibly honored to be wearing RUDY Project in 2016.

Web Mac's Smack

Mac’s Smack is a company based in Virginia that makes the MOST incredible natural products. I am so proud to be one of their 2016 ambassadors!

Thanks for checking in! More updates SOON!!!

Here’s to 2016!